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Private Security vs. In-House Security

The use of contract security officers for all organizations grows by 12 percent annually. About 10 percent of in-house programs in the U.S. convert to contract services each year. There are many advantages to contracting out security services.

A contract service usually means lower costs. Bolt Security Company will bear the cost of all uniforms and equipment, background checks, licensing, liability insurance and record keeping. Contracting out security services also saves the client money by passing the responsibility of payroll and unemployment taxes to the security company.

A contract service limits the liability of the client. Bolt Security Company carries liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance in order to relieve the liability of the client.

A contract service relieves the organization of administrative burdens. This may be welcome relief for managers who do not want to directly handle all security hiring and issues. However, management must work with the security company to maintain a good program.

Contract servies make available extra security officer coverage. Employing extra officers on short notice is extremely difficult for most organizations. Bolt Security Company will staff according to your needs with little or no notice. It is our regular practice to train a crew of back-up security officers to know your facility and be on-call should your needs suddenly increase, as in the case of a disaster or other unusual occurrence.

With contract officers, discipline can be handled by advising the contract agency that a particular officer is no longer acceptable for duty. Bolt Security Company will immediately remove any officer that does not conform to your expectations and replace him. Your organization will not be burdened with the logistics of hiring or firing the security officers.

Fraternization is a problem in all security forces. Although the guards assigned to your site will serve your site exclusively, contract security officers are less apt to develop friendships that result in their overlooking problems that they should correct or report. Consequently, contract security officers can be more objective in discharging their duties.

TXDPS Basic Requirements

  • Must be 18 yrs of age or older.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Have a Valid TX Drivers License or State ID.
  • Clean criminal background.

For more detailed information on TXDPS requirements, rules, and regulations for the Private Security Bureau, visit