About Us

At BOLT SECURITY COMPANY, our goal is to provide high profile visibility and serve as a visible deterrent, whether on an institutional, commercial, or personal level. Our security personnel are professionally developed and personally committed to fulfilling responsibilities to the highest standards.

To be able to offer a truly professional service, an organization must have the ability to address their clients’ needs. Therefore we look to our clients to assist us in determining their requirements for themselves and their organization, so that a security service can be instated which not only meets, but also anticipates and exceeds customer requirements. This range of service must include technical expertise and assistance, training and upgrading program, internal organization, and control procedures.

We take every care in the hiring of security personnel, exceeding the requirements of the Employment Standards Act. Security officers are required to have a minimum standard of education to meet the responsibilities of their assignments. All of Bolt Security Company’s officers are trained and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety as required by law.

Their characters must be irreproachable and they must be bondable. With the image of our client in mind, our security officers are required to maintain a professional appearance and be courteous, polite, and physically fit to perform the duties assigned.

Another crucial element of quality Security Company Program is the supervision provided by the contractor – the Security Company. The owners of Bolt Security have over thirty years of experience in law enforcement and management combined.

Supervisory officers are fully trained in all security matters pertaining to the client’s location and are responsible for the conduct of the security officers under their supervision. Furthermore, they are kept informed of the client’s requirements, through frequent meetings and memorandums.



Ricardo Perez, Jr., president of Bolt Security is currently Chief of Police for Edinburg CISD. Before being hired at ECISD, he was a criminal investigator for the Mission Police Department and served on the combined FBI task force. Previously, he served as Chief of Edinburg CISD Police Dept. for three years protecting over twenty thousand students and three thousand staff members. He has also served as Chief of Donna ISD Police Dept. and Chief of Sealy I.S.D.P.D. His service with the Edinburg CISD Police Dept., has given him an excellent working knowledge of the security needs of students and staff. He received his police chief training from Sam Houston State University. He has attained over 25 years of law enforcement experience and training.

Daniel Perez, vice president of Bolt Security was a sixteen-year veteran of the Hidalgo Co. Sheriff’s Dept. and a T.C.L.E.O.S.E. certified peace officer since 1992.

While employed by the Sheriff’s department, he reached the rank of Lieutenant in Detention in July of 1998 and held that position until his end of service in June 2005. He was an administrative Lieutenant in charge of the Special Operation Response Team.

He was also the Jail Division’s instructor / training coordinator. One of his responsibilities as instructor / coordinator was to ensure that all of the 350 detention personnel received state mandated training and education.

Daniel Perez has over 16 years of law enforcement experience and sits on the Environment of Care Committees of Rio Grande Regional Hospital and Doctor’s Hospital at Renaissance.

Daniel Perez was also involved directly or indirectly with the hiring process with the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department.

Katherine Perez C.F.O. oversees all financial aspects of the company and directly manages all Bolt Security Employees.

She received her Juris Doctor from St. Mary’s University School of Law and is presently a licensed, practicing attorney in the State of Texas and the federal courts of the Southern District of the United States.

She has a B.A. in Psychology with a Minor in Criminal Justice U.T.P.A.

She is an active member of the Hidalgo County Bar Association and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Mission Statement

To provide superior security officer services in order to create and maintain a safer environment for our clients, their employees and their customers by offering personalized, local customer service by a company owned and operated by licensed law enforcement professionals and allowing our clients to communicate directly with the ownership for immediate response to all concerns.


Founded in 1999
Ricardo Perez, Jr. – President and Founder
Daniel Perez – Vice President and Founder
Katherine G. Perez – CFO and Founder
Based out of Edinburg, Texas
Member of Edinburg Chamber of Commerce
Member of Better Business Bureau
Member of Associated Security Services and Investigations of the State of Texas
Member of International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety

Historically Underutilized Business

Licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Lic #B09315

Guard Selection Procedure

At Bolt Security, we are committed to sending our clients the best security officers we can find. We screen all applications thoroughly, instituting a rigorous background test. Upon applying for a security officer position, the applicant fills out a detailed application including all personal information, employment history, and references needed to conduct our background test. A preliminary interview is conducted to ascertain the applicants personality traits and an explanation of his/her application.

If the applicant passes the preliminary interview, the background check begins. The procedure a follows:

  1. Application
    1. Upon applying for a security officer position, the applicant fills out a detailed application including all personal information, employment history, and references needed to conduct our background test.
    2. The application includes a writing sample to aid us in determining the applicant’s ability to clearly communicate the details of a particular situation in writing.
  2. Application Review and Screening
  3. Preliminary Interview
    1. A preliminary interview is conducted to ascertain the applicant’s personality traits and an explanation of his/her application.
  4. Background Check
    1. If the applicant passes the preliminary interview, the background check begins. The procedure as follows:
      1. Computerized Criminal History
        1. The applicant’s criminal history is checked at both a state and national level.
        2. His/her record must be clear of any arrests.
      2. Personal References
        1. All references listed on the application are contacted to verify the information provided on the application
        2. A questionnaire is completed either in person or by phone to ascertain personality traits and life history.
      3. Previous Employers
        1. All previous employers within the last ten years are contacted to verify information provided on the application.
        2. A questionnaire is completed to ascertain the reason the applicant is no longer employed and his work ethic.
      4. History of Residence
        1. All places of residence within the last ten years are verified.
  5. Final Interview
    1. Once the applicant has passed the background check, he/she is called back in for a final interview before a decision is made whether to hire him and where to place him.
  6. Client Approval
    1. All applicants are subject to client approval. Once an officer is hired he or she will be introduced to the client representative at his or her prospective site for approval and instruction.