Healthcare Facilities

  • Monitor Patient Visitation Hours & Procedures
  • Fire Safety Drills and Evaluation as Required
  • Act as a Visual Deterrent From Vandalism & Theft on Hospital Property
  • Collection & Storage of Patient Property When Needed in a Secure System
  • Customer Service (Trained)
  • Courtesy Assistance: Stranded Motorists, Flat Tires
  • Assist Nursing with Violent Patients
  • Camera Monitoring
  • Response to All Hospital Emergency Codes (i.e. Code Blue)
  • Non-Security Guest Relation
  • Access Control if Needed
  • HIPPA Trained
  • Mobile Patrol (Vehicle or Golfcart)
  • Parking Lot Monitoring
  • Pedestrian Crosswalk When Needed (Trained)
  • Incident Report Writing
  • Internal Hospital Investigations